ZLTECH 8inch 24V-48V 150W 120kg waterproof BLDC drive hub motor for cleaning robot

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8-inch high-power motors are divided into three types, ZLLG80ASM250-L V1.0 single axis, ZLLG80ASM250-L V1.0 dual axis, ZLLG80ASM250-L V3.0 single axis (4096 magnetic Refueling seals)

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The performance of the 8-L inch motor is as follows:
1. 24V, 150W, rated current 6.5A, peak current 19A, rated torque 5.5N.m, peak torque 16N.m, rated speed 200RPM, peak speed 260RPM.
2. Load 120kg/2pcs, suitable for delivery robot, cleaning robot, service robot, etc.
3. Rubber hardness: 65A±10A.
4. Tire frictional coefficient 0.5.
5. Protection level IP54/IP65, has waterproof and dustproof functions.
6. Built-in thermistor, which achieve monitor for motor inside temperature.
7. Motor structure: Front cover + Stator + Shaft + Back cover + Steel rim + Magnets + Tire + Nut + Washer.
8 No-marking rubber tire, suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
9. Integrate motor and wheel, weight 3.725kg, small volume and low weight.


1, How long has your company been established?
ZLTECH was founded in 2013
3, If I need 1K, how long is the delivery time?
About a week
4, What is the material of this motor tire?
We have rubber non-marking tires, polyurethane tires, foamed polyurethane tires, pneumatic tires
5, If there is a problem during the use of the motor, how do you carry out after-sales service of the product?
One-year warranty
6, What are the advantages of your products?
Precise and smooth operation at low speed


Item ZLLG80ASM250-L V1.0 ZLLG80ASM250-L V3.0
Size 8.0" 8.0"
Tire Rubber Rubber
Wheel Diameter(mm) 200 200
Shaft Single/Double Single
Rated voltage (VDC) 24 24
Rated power (W) 150 150
Rated torque (N.m) 5.5 5.5
Peak torque (N.m) 16 16
Rated Phase current (A) 6.5 6.5
Peak current (A) 19 19
Rated speed (RPM) 200 200
Max speed (RPM) 260 260
Poles No (Pair) 15 15
Encoder 1024 Optical 4096 Magnetic
Protection level IP54 IP65
Lead wire (mm) 600±50 600±50
Insulation voltage resistance (V/min) AC1000V AC1000V
Insulation voltage(V) DC500V, >20MΩ DC500V, >20MΩ
Ambient temperature (°C) -20~+40 -20~+40
Ambient humidity (%) 20~80 20~80
Weight(KG) Single shaft: 3.40 Double shaft: 3.45 Single shaft: 3.40
Load(KG/2sets) 120 120


ZLLG80ASM250-L V1.0 ZLLG80ASM250-L V3.0


Brushless DC motors are widely used in electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, industrial robots, photovoltaic equipment and other automation fields.




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