ZLTECH Nema24 200/400W 24-48VDC encoder servo motor for sewing machine

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Low voltage DC servo motor is an industrial automation actuator with high control accuracy and fast response speed. It runs stably and is suitable for all kinds of automation equipment and instruments. It is widely used in textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, metallurgical machinery, automatic assembly line, industrial robots and other fields.

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Advantages Of DC Servo Motor

The low-voltage DC servo motor comprises a stator, a rotor core, a motor rotating shaft, a motor winding commutator, a motor winding, a speed measuring motor winding, and a speed measuring motor commutator. The rotor core is composed of silicon steel stamping sheet and is superposition fixed on the motor rotating shaft. Low voltage DC servo motor has good speed control characteristics, but also can achieve smooth control in the whole speed zone, almost no oscillation, small size, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, no heating, long life.
1. High output power.
2. Resonant and vibration-free operation.
3. The encoder determines the accuracy and resolution.
4. High efficiency, light load can be close to 90%.
5. High torque-to-inertia ratio, it can accelerate the load quickly.
6. "Reserve" capability, 2-3 times continuous power, short duration.
7. With "reserve" torque, 5-10 times the rated torque in the short term.
8. The motor is kept cool and the current consumption is proportional to the load.
9. Quiet sounds can be heard at high speed.
10. Available high speed torque keeps rated torque at 90% of NL speed.


Item ZLAC60ASM200 ZLAC60ASM400
Size Nema 24 Nema 24
Supply Voltage(V) 36 48
Rated Power (W) 200 400
Rated Torque (N.m) 0.64 1.27
Peak Torque (N.m) 1.28 2.54
Rated Speed (RPM) 3000 3000
Max Speed (RPM) 3200 3200
Rated current(A) 7.5 11
Peak Current(A) 15 22
moment coefficient(N.m/A) 0.09 0.12
Back EMF coefficient(V/RPM) 5.5x10-3 7x10-3
Flange size(mm) 60 60
Shaft diameter(mm) 14 14
Shaft connection with keyway with keyway
Shaft Length(mm) 30 30
Motor Length(mm) 80 106
Magnetic Pole(pairs) 5 5
Encoder(wire) Magnetic 2500 Magnetic 2500
Protection Level IP54 IP54
Weight(kg) 0.9 1.35
Ambient temperature (°C) 0-40 0-40
Ambient humidity (%) 20-80 20-80


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