Closed Loop Stepper Motor

  • ZLTECH 57mm Nema23 24VDC 1000-wrie closed loop stepper motor for robot arm

    ZLTECH 57mm Nema23 24VDC 1000-wrie closed loop stepper motor for robot arm

    Advantages of closed-loop stepper motors

    • With the increase of the output torque, the speed of both decreases in a nonlinear manner, but the closed-loop control improves the torque frequency characteristics.
    • Under closed-loop control, the output power/torque curve is improved because, in closed-loop, the motor excitation conversion is based on rotor position information, and the current value is determined by the motor load, so the current can be fully converted to torque even at low speed ranges.
    • Under the closed-loop control, the efficiency-torque curve is improved.
    • Using closed-loop control, we can get higher running speed, more stable and smoother speed than open-loop control.
    • Using the closed-loop control, the stepping motor can be automatically and effectively accelerated and decelerated.
    • The quantitative evaluation of the speed improvement of closed-loop control over open-loop control can be made by comparing the time to pass a certain path interval in step IV.
    • With THE CLOSED-LOOP DRIVE, THE EFFICIENCY CAN be INCREASED TO 7.8 times, THE output POWER can be increased to 3.3 times, and the speed can be increased to 3.6 times. The performance of the closed-loop stepper motor is superior to that of the open-loop stepper motor in all aspects. Stepper motor closed-loop drive has the advantages of stepper motor open-loop drive and brushless DC servo motor. Therefore, the closed-loop stepper motor will be widely used in position control systems with high reliability requirements.