ZLTECH 86mm Nema34 24-50VDC 3000RPM BLDC motor for engraving machine

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PID speed & current double loop regulator

High performance & Low price

20KHZ chopper fequency

Electric brake function, which makes motor to respond quickly

The overload multiple is greater than 2, and the torque could always reach the maximum at low speed

With alarm functions including overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, illegal hall signal and etc

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Characteristics of brushless motor

1) The motor is small in size and lighter in weight. For asynchronous motor, its rotor is composed of iron core with teeth and grooves, and the grooves are used to place induction windings to generate current and torque. The outer diameter of all rotors should not be too small. At the same time, the existence of mechanical commutator also limits the reduction of the outside diameter, and the armature winding of brushless motor is on the stator, so the outside diameter of the rotor can be relatively reduced.

2) The motor loss is small, this is because the brush is cancelled, and the electronic reversing is used to replace the mechanical reversing, so the friction loss and electric loss of the motor are eliminated. At the same time, there is no magnetic winding on the rotor, so the electric loss is eliminated, and the magnetic field will not produce iron consumption on the rotor.

3) The motor heating is small, this is because the motor loss is small, and the armature winding of the motor is on the stator, directly connected to the casing, so the heat dissipation condition is good, the heat conduction coefficient is large.

4) High efficiency. Although brushless motor is widely used and has a large power range, the application efficiency of different products is also different. In fan products, the efficiency can be improved by 20-30%.

5) the speed regulation performance is good, for the brushless motor through the potentiometer to adjust the voltage to achieve stepless or gear speed regulation, as well as PWM duty cycle speed regulation and pulse frequency speed regulation.

6) Low noise, small interference, low energy consumption, large starting torque, no mechanical friction caused by reversing.

7) High reliability, long service life, eliminating the need of brushes to eliminate the source of main motor faults, electronic commutator motor heating is reduced, motor life is extended.


Item ZL86DBL500-36V ZL86DBL500-48V ZL86DBL750
Phase 3 Phase 3 Phase 3 Phase
Size Nema34 Nema34 Nema34
Voltage (V) 36 48 48
Rated Power (W) 500 500 750
Rated Current (A) 19 14 17
Peak Current (A) 57 42 51
Rated Torque (N.m) 1.6 1.6 2.4
Peak Torque (N.m) 4.8 4.8 7.2
Rated Speed (RPM) 3000 3000 3000
No. of Poles (Pairs) 4 4 4
Resistance (Ω) 0.15±10% 0.30±10% 0.10±10%
Inductance (mH) 0.30±20% 0.60±20% 0.30±20%
Ke (RMS)(V/RPM) 6.2x10-3 8.5x10-3 8.5x10-3
Rotor Inertia (kg.cm²) 0.42 0.42 2.4
Torque Coefficient (N.m/A) 0.09 0.115 0.115
Shaft Diameter (mm) 14 14 14
Shaft Length (mm) 32 32 32
Motor Length (mm) 124 124 152
Weight (kg) 2.6 2.6 4
Adapted BLDC Driver ZLDBL5030S ZLDBL5015 ZLDBL5030S


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Brushless DC motors are widely used in electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, industrial robots, photovoltaic equipment and other automation fields.

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