ZLTECH 14inch 800W offroad tire drive hub motor for AGV

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Zhongling Science and Technology’s high-power and high load hub has unique advantages. It is a high-performance, exquisite and scientific detail design, which is its advantage in the field of AGV robot hub. The protection level of Zhongling Technology robot hub motor has 2 level, one is IP54 and another is IP67, which can effectively prevent the invasion of dust and water and ensure the long-term effective operation of the hub. Zhongling Technology AGV wheel hub is light in weight, high in manufacturing accuracy, small in deformation and inertial resistance when rotating at high speed, which is conducive to improving the straight line driving performance of the robot, reducing the rolling resistance of tires, and thus reducing the loss. Tires with cushioning and shock absorption properties can greatly improve the comfort and stability of the robot on uneven roads or at high speeds.

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Hub motor general characteristics

Simple structure, Easy installation, high cost and high performance, High Precision, High Power Density, Low Noise
3.5-16 Inches Optional
Power: 50-2kw Optional
Built-in High-precision Encoder 12-21 Bits Optional
The Motor and the outer wheel are integrated, beautiful and generous accept Oem/odm Customization of All Models

Company advantages

1.High quality assurance: We have mature manufacturing processes in the field of Hub motor, servo motor, stepper motor, integrated motor and BLDC motor and all of our products have CE and RoHS certifications.
2.On-time delivery: Delayed delivery has always been a headache for most buyers. Our technical team and sales team enable us to guarantee about 95% on-time delivery.
3.Customization requirements: In addition to ordinary products, we can also design all motors
4. Competitive price: Based on China’s low-cost labor we are very competitive in terms of price.
5. Good service: Our sales are very professional and the attitudes also very good We will reply to our customers within 24 hours (except holidays so you don't need to find someone when there is something


Item ZLLG14ASM800 V2.0
Size 14.0"
Tire Pneumatic Rubber
Wheel Diameter(mm) 358
Shaft Single
Rated voltage (VDC) 48
Rated power (W) 800
Rated torque (N.m) 17
Peak torque (N.m) 51
Rated Phase current (A) 7.5
Peak current (A) 22
Rated speed (RPM) 150
Max speed (RPM) 180
Poles No (Pair) 20
Encoder 4096 Magnetic
Protection level IP65
Lead wire (mm) 600±50
Insulation voltage resistance (V/min) AC1000V
Insulation voltage(V) DC500V, >20MΩ
Ambient temperature (°C) -20~+40
Ambient humidity (%) 20~80
Weight(KG) 9.6
Load(KG/2sets) 200


ZLLG14ASM800 V2.0


Brushless DC motors are widely used in electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, industrial robots, photovoltaic equipment and other automation fields.




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