ZLTECH 6.5inch 24V-48V 250W 100kg BLDC rubber wheel hub motor for medical robot

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6.5-inch motors are divided into three types, ZLLG65ASM250 V1.0 single axis, ZLLG65ASM250 V1.0 dual axis, ZLLG65ASM250 V3.0 single axis (4096 magnetic Refueling seals)
ZLTECH 6.5-inch 24/36V BLDC electric wheel hub servo motor engine with 14bit encoder for handling robot
Ready to build your own custom small-sized robot? ZLTECH 6.5″ Hub Motor with Encoder accepts customization.
Hub motor types are ideal for mobile robotic platforms.

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ZLTECH 6.5″Wheel Hub Motor is a self-contained 3-phase brushless motor with 6.5” wheel and solid rubber tire. Built-in encoder provide positional feedback for the motor controller to determine position, speed and direction.


6.5″ Hub Motor with Encoder Features:
Brushless hub motor inside 6.5″ wheel
Wide operating voltage range
Compatible with any 3-phase motor controller
Rugged ” tubeless tires are suitable for a variety of terrain
Smooth-rolling quiet performance
Mounted with shaft, easy to install
Application Ideas:
Delivery robot
Service robot
Cleaning robot


Item ZLLG65ASM250 V1.0 ZLLG65ASM250 V3.0
Size 6.5" 6.5"
Tire Rubber Rubber
Wheel Diameter(mm) 170 170
Shaft Single/Double Single
Rated voltage (VDC) 24 24
Rated power (W) 250 250
Rated torque (N.m) 4 4
Peak torque (N.m) 12 12
Rated Phase current (A) 10 10
Peak current (A) 30 30
Rated speed (RPM) 500 500
Max speed (RPM) 560 560
Poles No (Pair) 15 15
Encoder 1024 Optical 4096 Magnetic
Protection level IP54 IP65
Lead wire (mm) 600±50 600±50
Insulation voltage resistance (V/min) AC1000V AC1000V
Insulation voltage(V) DC500V, >20MΩ DC500V, >20MΩ
Ambient temperature (°C) -20~+40 -20~+40
Ambient humidity (%) 20~80 20~80
Weight(KG) Single shaft: 2.95 Double shaft: 3.00 Single shaft: 2.95
Load(KG/2sets) 100 100


ZLLG65ASM250 V1.0 ZLLG65ASM250 V3.0


Brushless DC motors are widely used in electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, industrial robots, photovoltaic equipment and other automation fields.




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