ZLTECH Modbus RS485 24V-48VDC brushless motor controller for robot arm

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The driver is a closed-loop speed controller, adopts the nearest IGBT and MOS power device, uses the hall signal of DC brushless motor to double the frequency and then carries on the closed-loop speed control, the control link is equipped with PID speed regulator, the system control is stable and reliable, especially at low speed can always reach the maximum torque, speed control range of 150~ 20,000 RPM.

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1. PID speed, current double loop regulator

2. compatible with hall and no hall, parameter setting, non-inductive mode is only suitable for special occasions (start the load is gentle)

3. High performance and low price

4. Chopper frequency of 20KHZ

5. the electric brake function, so that the motor response quickly

6. overload multiple is greater than 2, the torque can always reach the maximum at low speed

7. with over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature, hall signal illegal fault alarm function

Electrical Indicators

Recommended standard input voltage: 24VDC to 48VDC, undervoltage protection point 9VDC, overvoltage protection point 60VDC.

Maximum continuous input overload protection current: 15A. The factory default value is 10A.

Acceleration time constant Factory value: 1 second Other customizable.

Safety Precautions

This product is a professional electrical equipment, should be installed, debugging, operation and maintenance by professional and technical personnel. Improper use will lead to electric shock, fire, explosion and other hazards.

This product is powered by DC power supply. Please make sure that the positive and negative terminals of the power supply are correct before powering on

Do not plug or remove cables when they are powered on. Do not short-connect cables during power-on. Otherwise, the product may be damaged

If the motor needs to change direction during operation, it must be slowed down to stop the motor before reversing

The driver is not sealed. Do not mix electrical or combustible foreign bodies such as screws and metal chips into the driver. Pay attention to moisture and dust when storing and using the driver

The driver is a power device. Try to keep the heat dissipation and ventilation in the working environment


Driver ZLDBL5010S
Input voltage(V) 24V-48V DC
Output current(A) 10
Control method Modbus RS485
Dimension(mm) 118*33*76
Weight(kg) 0.35


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