2S86 ZLTECH 86 series DC 36V 48V AC 27V-75V closed loop stepping driver for CNC machine

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ZLTECH closed-loop stepper driver 2S86 controls DSP chip and closed-loop control technology, so as to completely overcome the problem of step loss of open-loop stepper motor. Under light load, it can significantly improve the high-speed performance of the motor, reduce the heating degree of the motor and reduce the vibration of the motor, so as to improve the processing speed and accuracy of the machine and reduce the energy consumption of the machine. In addition, when the motor is continuously overloaded, the driver will output an alarm signal, which has the same reliability as the AC servo system.

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1. Closed loop control technology, never lose step. The encoder is used as the position feedback, so that the stepper motor has the servo closed-loop characteristics, and the position deviation can be compensated in real time to fundamentally solve the problem of step loss of the stepper motor

2. Significantly improve the high-speed performance and acceleration and deceleration capability of the motor. The closed-loop control technology based on encoder feedback can improve the effective torque by more than 30% compared with the open-loop stepping driver.

3. Effectively reduce the heat generation of the motor. Based on the variable current control technology, the input current of the driver can be dynamically adjusted according to the load, effectively reducing the motor temperature by more than 15 ℃, and extending the service life of the motor.

4. The vibration noise of the motor is reduced, and the motor runs more stably. The variable current control technology is adopted to reduce the low-speed vibration noise and realize the smooth operation of the stepping motor.


1.Q:Are you manufacturer or distributor?
A: We are mufacturer. We have our R&D team and factory.

2.Q: How to select the stepper driver model?
A: Before purchasing,please contact us to confirm the model no and specification to avoid any misunderstanding.

3.Q: What’s your warranty?
A:Our warranty is 12 months from shipment out of factory.

4.Q:What is your payment way?
A: Sample cost should be fully paid before production. For bulk order, you can discuss with ZLTECH.


Driver 2S86
Input voltage(V) DC 36/48, AC 27-75
Output current(A) 1-8
Step signal frequency(Hz) 0-200k
Control signal input current(A) 10
Over-voltage protection(V) DC 120
Input signal voltage(V) DC 5-24
Insulation resistance(MΩ) Min 100
Service temperature(℃) 0-50
Max. ambient humidity (%) 90
Storage temperature(℃) -10~+70
Weight(kg) 0.35
Vibration(Hz) 10~55/0.15mm




Brushless DC motors are widely used in electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, industrial robots, photovoltaic equipment and other automation fields.




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