Motor encoder fault and disposal

Encoder is a device that can be used for communication, transmission and storage in the form of signal after compiling and converting signal data. The encoder converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals. The former is called code disk, and the latter is called code ruler. The following is an introduction to the causes of motor encoder failure and damage.

1. Encoder failure: refers to the failure of encoder components, which causes it to not generate and output correct waveforms. In this case, it is necessary to replace the encoder or repair its internal components.

2. Encoder connecting cable fault: This kind of fault has the highest probability of occurrence, and is often encountered in maintenance, which should be a priority factor. Generally, the encoder cable is in open circuit, short circuit or poor contact. Then it is necessary to replace the cable or connector. Special attention should also be paid to whether the cable is loose, open welding or open circuit due to the loose fixation of the cable, then it is necessary to clamp the cable.

3. The encoder+5V power supply drops: it means that the +5V power supply voltage is too low, usually not lower than 4.75V. The reason for the low voltage is the loss caused by the power supply failure or the power transmission cable resistance is too high. At this time, it is necessary to repair the power supply or replace the cable.

4. Absolute encoder battery voltage drop: There will be an alarm prompt after this fault occurs. At this time, it is necessary to replace the battery. If the reference point position memory is lost, it is also necessary to perform the operation of returning to the reference point.

5. Encoder cable shield wire is not connected or falls off: this will introduce interference signals, make the waveform unstable, and affect the accuracy of communication. It is necessary to ensure that the shield wire is reliably welded and grounded.

6. Loose installation of encoder: this kind of fault will affect the position control accuracy, cause the position deviation during stop and movement to exceed the tolerance, and even generate the servo system overload alarm just after starting. Please pay special attention.

7. Grating pollution: This will reduce the signal output amplitude, and the oil stain must be gently wiped with absorbent cotton dipped with anhydrous alcohol.

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Post time: Mar-02-2023